Association of Carotid Artery Disease with Various Risk Factors Among Patients Presenting with Ischemic Stroke

  • Muhammad Asif Nizami AMC
  • Muhammad Ali Yousaf
  • Jahanzeb Liaqat Pak Emirates Military Hospital /National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) Pakistan
  • Khurram Haq Nawaz
  • Asif Hashmat
Keywords: Carotid artery stenosis, Ischemic stroke, Risk factors


OBJECTIVE: To study the association of carotid artery disease with various risk factors among patients presenting with ischemic stroke

STUDY DESIGN: Analytical study

SETTING: Department of neurology Pak Emirates Military Hospital Rawalpindi

DURATION OF STUDY: Eight months, from 1st July 2019 to 29th February 2019

PATIENTS AND METHODS: A total of 300 patients with ischemic stroke diagnosed by the consultant neurologist were included in this study. A consultant radiologist assessed the presence of clinically significant carotid artery stenosis by performing an ultrasound examination of carotid region. Relationship of age, gender, presence of diabetes mellitus, presence of hypertension and tobacco smoking was assessed with the presence of carotid artery stenosis among the patients of ischemic stroke.

Results:  Out of 300 patients of stroke assessed through ultrasound Doppler, 171 (57%) showed the presence of significant carotid artery stenosis while 129 (43%) had no clinically significant stenosis. Statistical analysis revealed that presence of diabetes mellitus and hypertension had a statistically significant relationship (p-value <0.05) with presence of significant occlusion in the carotid arteries of stroke sufferers.

 Conclusion: Conclusion of this single center study is that carotid artery disease should not be missed among the patients of ischemic stroke as a large number of patients harbor this phenomenon. Patients with diabetes mellitus and hypertension may be at more risk of developing the carotid artery disease as compared to others.


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Nizami, M., Yousaf, M., Liaqat, J., Nawaz, K., & Hashmat, A. (2022). Association of Carotid Artery Disease with Various Risk Factors Among Patients Presenting with Ischemic Stroke. Pakistan Armed Forces Medical Journal, 72(SUPPL-2), S393-96.
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